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Always Think Capacity First

Professionals Talk Capacity

Amateurs Talk Strategy

Our system involves assessing personal or team capacity and working out from there. Strategies are planned around what we call ‘win first’ capacity, and capacity is developed to facilitate more aggressive strategic opportunities.

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Capacity can be highly leveraged, and the return on any thoughtful investment of resources into capacity building provides a 10x return in terms of delivered results. We work with you to develop highly transferable capacity.

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Being blunt, to execute at a high level, there is a great deal of capacity development required. That said, our approach offers significant rapid improvement through reframing execution through the lens of the basic Capacity First approach.

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Let's get you winning like you never have before.

Our work is rooted in reality, and the first step is to engage head on with problems and shortcomings. Doing so will change your life.


The main focus initially is building the capacity to build capacity. This is what we call metacapacity, and it drives real improvement.


Functional capacity can be used to deliver results, whereas nonfunctional capacity looks great on paper but is ultimately flaccid.


Capacity-driven OKRs fit an engine to the original concept and Objectives and related Key Results are operationalised properly.


Why Capacity First?

Our basic premise is that without the capacity to actually do what you plan to do, then strategizing is futile. Dragging ideas into the real world requires core capacity that is often taken for granted, but, in our experience, just as often lacking. Ultimately, objectives must be framed by available capacity if they are to be met. So, you must always think capacity first if you want to execute.

Examples of core capacity that we help you to develop are:

  • An ability to focus, concentrate and identify and execute the highest impact task (HIT) required to win.
  • The identification of key affordances to allow you to approach new situations and challenges confidently and with the ability to dominate.
  • A structural ability to read or listen to better comprehend and assimilate information to support problem solving and decisions.
  • An ability to perform rapid capacity gap analyses together with structured capacity development planning to close the gaps.

Frequently asked Questions

The initial process is very straightforward. Once a free no obligation appointment is made, we will have a chat for twenty minutes or so about what it is that you wish you were executing better. During that time we will be able to provide as many quick wins as possible to help you understand and build capacity. From there, if you feel that further engagement would benefit you, and we see a good fit, you can select one of the available packages that will allow us to work together on a more structured and comprehensive basis.

All initial conversations are free and without obligation, and we try to help as much as possible in that twenty minute chat. From there, the cost of really getting to grips with improved execution is based on the amount of contact time you’d like us to have. We routinely offer contact that is telephone- or video-based, but on-site work is also available. Typical retainers run from as little as £50 per month to the more comprehensive tailored programmes that can run to £2500 per month. The important thing is that you get the free consultation and see if it might be worth a small investment in capacity.

We get a great deal of enquiries from sales professionals seeking an edge, and it is those involved in sales that get the most rapid results. Sales is a true capacity-driven pursuit, and we are quickly able to identify the gaps for individuals that are perennial also-rans. If you are a sales professional tired of just making up the numbers (sometimes literally come forecast time), then we can give you basic tools to get you performing.

We believe that the core foundation of capacity is cognitive function. Optimising the ability to think, focus, concentrate and remember is critical to enhancing human capacity. Cognitive function supports what we call metacapacity, that is, the capacity to develop functional cognitive and somatic capacity.

We empower you to create and deploy sufficient ‘win first’ capacity to execute plans beyond the first point of contact with the real world. This will put you in an elite group of people who win routinely and often.
Business Professionals

Targeted capacity development support for the modern knowledge economy workplace. Popular modules focus on Sales Mastery, Leadership Development, Winning Communication and Complex Problem-solving.


Specifically aimed at the challenges faced by those wrestling with the need to create value in the marketplace. Tailored modules include HIT (Highest Impact Task), Execution, OCKRs and Capacity Gap Analysis.


A great deal of the capacity required to be a dominant athlete is rooted in the same areas as business. Somatic development hinges on proper cognitive capacity development. Modules are built for clients on demand.

Capacity First has three main operating divisions. Together these three focus areas allow us to offer either a full capacity development system, or to empower clients design their own support infrastructure.

Our capacity consulting group focus on contact time with clients that are seeking an edge. We use the Capacity First system to show clients how to fill the void between vision and execution.

We have developed a targeted range of nutritional supplements to optimise baseline cognitive and somatic support. This aligns with our focus on cognitive, recovery and endurance capacity.

The Capacity First system is a set of tools in planner, worksheet and workbook form that allow motivated professionals to analyse, enhance and deploy capacity. It’s a game changer.



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Cognitive Enhancement

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Endurance Booster

The core premise of the Capacity First system is that it creates functional capacity that is transferable and can be deployed in a broad array of situations. Some of the most popular functional areas are:

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