About Capacity First

Helping People and Teams Execute Like They Never Have Before.

About Capacity First

Helping People and Teams Execute Like They Never Have Before.

by capacityfirst
Capacity First has emerged as a system and consulting approach that has been forged on the anvil of failure, disappointment and frustration. We ask different questions, think different thoughts in order to come up with different and better solutions.

Our focus is on working with people who have been numbed by the massive strategy and productivity industrial complex. We want to free hostages and expose the lie that execution is built on strategy.

We are not fans of corporate schtick, but it is important that we identify the driving force behind Capacity First. Losing sucks. Winning is fun. Life is better when you are confident and can back it up.

We don’t parade our credentials. We make the focus of everything your ability to generate life-changing capacity. We focus on what really matters (functional), and not what chokes execution (non-functional).



Why Capacity First?

5 Reasons.

Capacity Bandwidth.

Our Consulting Ethos

Our process can be as light touch or as intensive as you need. It all begins with a brief conversation to learn about the challenges you are facing. Candidly, we will try and give away as much insight as possible during that call. This is about creating winners not billable hours or retainers.

How we can Help

Capacity First has a narrow but critical focus on capacity itself. We aim to fill the void ignored by the strategy, execution and productivity industrial complex. We won’t be gurus, we will be the mechanics in the background tuning your execution engine.

The Capacity First System Is A Way Of Framing The World To Help You Get Traction.

Our approach provides simple and effective tools that generate massive capacity that are deeply-rooted in complex theories and ideas. Everything we do and offer is science-backed and supported by studies but still pragmatic and real world.

Increased Torque

Torque is a fairly complex idea, but in its simplest sense we understand that an engine with higher torque has higher capacity for pulling or doing work. Our system seeks to markedly increase the amount of torque you can call on from your ‘execution engine’.

Continuous Growth

Ideally, you will use the Capacity First system indefinitely.  It is designed to build highly transferable functional capacity that has what we call an evergreen quality. Capacity is nor like task-specific knowledge that is often perishable in nature. Capacity is for ever.


Clients count on us every day to help them reach their objectives.