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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

by capacityfirst
A brief rundown of the things people seem to want to know.


How Does The Consulting Process Work?

The initial process is very straightforward. Once a free no obligation appointment is made, we will have a chat for twenty minutes or so about what it is that you wish you were executing better. During that time we will be able to provide as many quick wins as possible to help you understand and build capacity. From there, if you feel that further engagement would benefit you, and we see a good fit, you can select one of the available packages that will allow us to work together on a more structured and comprehensive basis.

What Does It Cost?

All initial conversations are free and without obligation, and we try to help as much as possible in that twenty minute chat. From there, the cost of really getting to grips with improved execution is based on the amount of contact time you’d like us to have.

We routinely offer contact that is telephone- or video-based, but on-site work is also available. Typical retainers run from as little as £50 per month to the more comprehensive tailored team programmes that can run to £2500 per month. The important thing is that you get the free consultation and see if it might be worth a small investment in capacity.

Do You Work With Sales People?

We get a great deal of enquiries from sales professionals seeking an edge, and it is those involved in sales that get the most rapid results. Sales is a true capacity-driven pursuit, and we are quickly able to identify the gaps for individuals that are perennial also-rans. If you are a sales professional tired of just making up the numbers (sometimes literally come forecast time), then we can give you basic tools to get you performing.

What are your qualifications and credentials?

As you can imagine, any consultant you speak to will have all of the credentials you would expect. Degrees, experience, knowledge and passion are prerequisites. That said, our approach at Capacity First is very different to many other consultants. We want to focus on the engine not the bells and whistles. We don’t assess your capacity potential based on credentials. It’s about whether you can learn to ignore the siren calls of modern-day posturing and just get it done. You’ll know if we can by the end of the first 20 minute call. That’s our most prized qualification.

Why Do You Focus Initially On Cognitive Function?

We believe that the core foundation of capacity is cognitive function. Optimising the ability to think, focus, concentrate and remember is critical to enhancing human capacity. Cognitive function supports what we call metacapacity, that is, the capacity to develop functional cognitive and somatic capacity.

Supplement Shipments and Returns

For your convenience, all products sold on the site are fulfilled by Amazon Logistics and all returns are also handled by the Amazon Customer Service Team. Should you have any questions, you can of course call us directly and we will help you in any way we can.